Vi har vokseværk, og har brug for hjælp! Noget for dig? Læs mere herunder og send os en mail hvis du vil være med til at gøre en forskel for døve børn i Uganda. Hvis du har spørgsmål er du velkommen til at skrive direkte til mig på vickie.madsen@gmail.com. 


In the last few years, BDI has grown. We have more kids, more needs, and more responsibilities. BDI is comprised of a small team of 3 people who volunteer to manage the administration, finances, volunteers, communication, etc. The work load is increasing and we are at a point where we need help.

Do you have a heart to serve and the skills necessary to work with us? Having visited BDI in person is not a requirement. We do ask that volunteers have an understanding and appreciation of deaf culture, experience with non-profit organizations and working with a budget.
We have many needs that require differing skill-sets, so if you feel that you have the time to commit to work with us to help deaf children rise above disability in Uganda, tell us about yourself and what you have to offer!
Send us an email at boanergesdeafinitiative@gmail.com. Let us know how you see yourself being involved with our organisation. We look forward to hear from you!

– The BDI team

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