End Of Fixed Term Agreement Qld

However, if the tenant accepts the manager/owner`s request to leave prematurely, he can negotiate compensation (for example. B moving costs). Any agreement should be written down. If you leave the lessor due to a serious breach of contract, you can terminate the lease “for reasons” if a notice of violation has not been corrected or you can request a court hearing to terminate the lease due to a breach of the lessor`s contract. The person terminating the contract must use the correct form and meet the corresponding notice period. A resident of the rented premises or a person who lives with the tenant can ask the court that the tenancy agreement be terminated in two cases: these provisions also apply, even if there is a change of landlord/agent for the premises, provided that at least one of the current tenants is maintained under an agreement for the same premises. The landlord/representative must not terminate an agreement by allowing the tenant to be invited to leave for no reason, because the tenant has exercised his legitimate rights. In this case, the tenant can apply to the court within four weeks of receiving the notification. Occupants may ask the court to terminate a temporary agreement for repeated violation by the supplier or for excessive harshness of the tenant. If the tenant does not move within the date required by a court termination order, the lessor can claim compensation for the resulting losses, for example. B the impossibility for a new tenant to move in. In addition, the landlord can also charge the tenant an occupancy fee for the period following the termination that the tenant remains on the property.

Occupancy fees are charged according to the rental price under the contract – that is, if the rent is $400 per week, the tenant is responsible for an occupancy tax of $800 if he stays in the premises 2 weeks after the termination date. If the tenant has left the site, the landlord can claim damages for the resulting damages. If the tenant has abandoned the premises before a fixed term expires, the landlord is generally entitled to a loss of rent for the remainder of the fixed term. The landlord, agent or tenant can ask the court directly for a decision on the expiry date of a tenancy agreement, but only for certain reasons and only after the correct procedures have been followed.

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