Safe Restart Agreement Territories

OTTAWA, ON, October 9, 2020 /CNW/ – The Government of Canada continues to work with the provinces and territories to ensure that there are essential supports to continue to protect the health and safety of all Canadians and ensure jurisdictions have what they need to gradually and securely revitalize their economies. “Fighting COVID-19 and revitalizing our economy safely requires a Team Canada approach. We will continue to work with the provinces and territories to keep Canadians safe and healthy, and build a stronger Canada. As we continue to address the health and economic challenges of the pandemic, the government will continue to invest in Canadians. Together with the provinces and territories, we will build a stronger, healthier, safer, cleaner, more competitive, fairer and more inclusive Canada for all. The Canadian government is committed to ensuring that Canada has the resources it needs to revitalize the economy safely while protecting the health of Canadians. In partnership with the provinces and territories, federal efforts will focus on seven priorities to meet the immediate needs of Canadians over the next six to eight months. “These funds will support Yukoners and network committees, because we all work for homeland security. We appreciate the ongoing financial contributions of the Confederation, recognizing our special needs, and look forward to future discussions on continued assistance. “The Honourable Sandy Silver, Premier of Yukon As we move into the fall and as the world continues to face the impact of COVID-19, the Canadian government continues to focus on keeping Canadians safe and healthy while continuing to ensure they have the support they need during this global health and economic crisis. The Safe Restart Agreement will support Ontario as we will significantly increase testing capacity over the next six to eight months. It was not until March 16, 2020, just before Ontario`s emergency declaration, that Ontario tested 2,960 people on COVID-19.

Ontario now regularly exceeds 25,000 tests per day, a capacity Ontario built in the spring and summer by Ontario`s committed response team COVID-19. Ontario is now leading the country in de-denson and per capita testing. At the end of August, Ontario administered more than 2,852,000 COVID-19 tests, or about 52 per cent of the approximately 5.3 million tests conducted in Canada.

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