Aon Service Level Agreement

Michelle is an experienced expert with extensive experience in different disciplines (including healthcare technology, professional services, financial services, psychology, education, marketing and distribution) and is in contact with a number of sectors (from start-ups to asx-listed companies). Justice and risk management professional who operates in the financial services and insurance sector. Broad background, specializing in commercial, corporate and commercial real estate law, combined with a deep understanding of both Aon`s business and its markets. The focus is on strengthening sustainable growth in the Australia Pacific region by providing commercial and compliant legal advice and solutions across all lines of business. Expertise in building a trusted, connected and visible legal team that supports a successful, challenged and consistently innovative global risk management organization. Generates value across all available channels and channels to support sustainable growth and deliver opportunities. For the purposes of section 116 of the Municipal Financial Management Act, Act 56 of 2003, a contract concluded through the Supply Chain Management Directive may be amended by the parties, but only after the local community has been duly informed of the intention to amend the contract or agreement. “AON is ready to continue to provide contract insurance services for grDM for the proposed 12-month extension period. Samantha is an experienced finance and technology expert with experience in the insurance industry (General and Broking). His skills include managing a matrixized global shared services environment, financial analysis and planning, technology acquisition and contracts, managing outsourced and offshore management in multiple regions, as well as reporting, support and training on financial systems.

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