Confidentiality Agreement In Group Counseling

Violence or intimidation against other members of the group is never tolerated. I understand that I should never be violent or intimidating towards other members of the group and that if I threaten to injure people or property, I am asked to leave the group. I understand that it is the responsibility of the group leader to apply these procedures and guidelines. The group may, if it so wishes, propose other procedures and guidelines to be supervised by the group. Gossip and secret grudges can be very destructive in a group. I agree that if I have something to say to another member of the group, I will try to say it directly to the member instead of talking about him behind his back. Normally, the group members within the group decide with the leader when it is time to leave the group. Sometimes it is necessary for a member of the group to leave the group unexpectedly. This may lead group members to question whether they have harmed the outgoing member. I promise that if I have to leave the group unexpectedly, I will come to one last group meeting and tell the members that I will leave and say goodbye. I agree to announce it at the beginning of the last meeting, so that the group has time to ask questions and say goodbye. If I decide to leave the group, the members of the group can express their concerns, but also respect the decision of the person who wishes to leave. I agree not to hide anything from the group about what is happening within the group.

Everything that happens between or between the members of the group is kept secret from people outside the group, but is not kept secret from the group. This also applies to one-on-one meetings you have with a group leader. I understand that if I violate this confidentiality, I could be removed from the group. I have read the procedures and guidelines of the group and I agree to be bound by them, while I am a member of the group, I agree that I will participate in every meeting, except in cases of emergency. In case of emergency, I will notify the group leader before the meeting to tell him that I cannot attend. I understand that the group leader is telling what happened. I understand that if I have three unexcused absences, my new membership in the group will be discussed. No member of the group is ever humiliated, misled, or abused in any way. I agree to avoid this destructive behavior. Members of the group cannot participate in the group under the influence of alcohol or other drugs that alter consciousness.

Under the influence of chemicals, people do not have access to their emotions and have less control over their behavior. I understand that if the director thinks I am under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, I am asked to leave the group. .

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