Contract Line Item Agreement

Enter the vendor`s default price for the selected item. This information is displayed by default on the supplier`s UOM &Pricing Info page. Fee information on supporting documents per line If the control box should not be activated as a milestone, but the control box Only the Office is enabled, the line is released as an amount line only for the total amount. Add to New Group: Select this option to create a new row group. The system displays a group ID group field under the rows grid as well as a description field for the new row group. After adding the new value, click the OK button, and the system places the new group in the Group ID field in the grid rows. D (settled): the item has been settled by the manufacturer or supplier has decided to no longer deliver the item. Therefore, it is not possible to access the check box for release for recurring purchase order shares. Select the unit of quantity (UOM) for the item in this row. This is necessary for subcontractor contracts. When you enter an item id, the UOM will be automatically displayed by the default item supplier`s UOM and cannot be changed. The UOM serves as a basis for determining quantities such as minimum and maximum quantities and quantities of lines released. If more than one business unit line is registered per contract line, you can select another standard business unit by selecting the standard bu box for the business unit line.

CLINS is required for the following contract types: you can retrieve rows by item, description, line number box, or any of the other page settings. The system generates the standard unit of quantity on the supplier`s UOM &Pricing Info page. If you order according to the description, all UOMs are available. If you order according to the item id, only valid UOMs are available. If you are working with the current version of the contract that is in progress, you must comply with the following rules: If you consider an item as an asset and plan to pass it to the PeopleSoft Asset Management application through the PeopleSoft recruitment process, you must complete both the Business Unit field and the Profile ID field. .

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