Texas Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Sales Tax

Former Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black once said, “The United States has a tax system by admitting.” This applies at both federal and Länder level. Indeed, the Texas government relies on its citizens to “confess” their franchise tax, sales and use tax, and other tax obligations through the necessary reports and payments. However, as the world continues to turn, taxpayers are lagging behind in their reporting and payment obligations, resulting in possible penalties and interest. The Texas Comptroller launched the Texas Tax Amnesty Program to help taxpayers get a clean vest. Is it still the best option for a taxpayer? Fortunately, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts offers a proactive procedure that allows you to meet your tax obligations. Every VAT advisor will tell you that a self-declaration agreement, also known as a VDA, is the best way to get a company to meet its hitherto unmet VAT obligations. With the recent change in the determination of the VAT nexus following the Wayfair decision, many companies have found that they now have VAT obligations in states or other local jurisdictions where no turnover tax had been levied before. . .


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